QA #18 Offline removal server from domain. DC not available

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Offline removal server from domain. DC not available domain

I had a test environment with domain controller and domain member servers. After few weeks I decided to demote DC, uninstall Domain Services and remove domain. Before that I dejoin from domain member servers. Unfortunately I missed one of them. For now I have environment without AD and one of server which are member of domain which not exist. I can’t change membership from domain to workgroup using System properties because of error with DC communication. Is there any possibility to dejoin server without access to the domain? I need some kind of offline removal server from domain. DC not available


Fortunately answer for this question is: yes. It’s possible to process offline dejoin server from not existed domain. To do this you need to go to the CMD or PowerShell and use NETDOM command. Using that you can for example join computer to domain, change name of machine or remove domain member with great switch: force 🙂

In my example hostname is SRV-NODE1 and domain is 10it.local. so the syntax will be:

NETDOM remove SRV-NODE1 /domain:10it.local /force

After that you have to restart computer. That’s all what you need to offline remove server from domain.

Offline removal server from domain
NETDOM command with offline remove server from domain.

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