QA #5 Can I virtualize OEM Windows products?

Question Virtualize OEM Windows I have OEM Windows Client system. I was supplied with my laptop as preinstalled OS. Can I virtualize this version of Windows? OEM Windows as virtual will be compliance with license? It’s ok to virtualize OEM Windows?   Answer* There is a lot of different information about that in Internet. Generally OEM version is assigned to the hardware. Following this way we can assume that virtualization is possible but you have to remember to use them

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QA #4 Windows 10 upgrade after 31st of July 2016

Question Windows 10 upgrade Is it possible to upgrade Windows to newest Windows 10 after 31st of July? Is Windows 10 upgrade still available? Answer Yest but only if you’re using assistive technologies (more info). Then you can go to: and download upgrade tool. There is no information regarding end of this offer. Microsoft promises that will announce earlier if time of opportunity becomes limited.

QA #3 How change multiple file names Windows

Question Change multiple file names Windows How change names of set of files in Windows? Is third party application needed? Change multiple file names Windows is possible? Answer Select all of files which names should be changed (Ctrl + A for all files in folder) and press F2 key. Then type general name for files. Press enter and Windows will automatically add numbers in order started by 1. If there is mixed content of folder, for example txt, bmp files

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QA #2 Quick start Windows applications in seconds

Question Quick start Windows applications What is the quickest way to start application like notepad in Windows? How can I quick start Windows applications? Answer If Windows explorer has been started, then is possible to type application name in address bar and confirm by press enter. For example: type notepad to start notepad, calc for calculator, mspaint for Paint. More app names can be found there:

QA #1 Slow internet connection when VPN link established

Qusestion Slow Internet connection After I connected the computer to the other network using VPN, my internet connection began to run very slow. How fix slow internet connection issue VPN related? Normally when I’m using my Internet everything is fine. Answer It’s caused by using default gateway on remote network. Change DG to your local. To do this go to VPN connection properties, Networking Tab, IP v4 Properties, Advanced and deselect Use default gateway on remote network. Reconnect VPN connection

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