QA #5 Can I virtualize OEM Windows products?


Virtualize OEM Windows

I have OEM Windows Client system. I was supplied with my laptop as preinstalled OS. Can I virtualize this version of Windows? OEM Windows as virtual will be compliance with license? It’s ok to virtualize OEM Windows?

virtualize OEM Windows
Windows OS as vm



There is a lot of different information about that in Internet. Generally OEM version is assigned to the hardware. Following this way we can assume that virtualization is possible but you have to remember to use them only on assigned hardware. In other words: Install hypervisor instead of OEM OS and then install them as virtual machine. It’s of course interpretation of rules and there is no 100% sure if it’s compliant with Microsoft license.* In your own case always ask Windows support about licensing. It’s my interpretation but in my cases I also checked it twice with Windows license Team.