QA #8 I don’t see Office application in Windows quick search


Windows Quick search

After upgrade Office 2013 to Office 2016 version, all of those application like Excel, Word are not available in Windows Quick search pane on menu Start in Windows 10. How can i fix it?

Windows Quick search
Quick search option in Windows 8.1


The problem is related to indexing module in Windows system. Some files are changed during upgrade Office to new version. You should rebuild index. To do this:


  • Go to Control Panel and choose Indexing Options
Windows Quick search
Control Panel and Indexing Options
  • Click Advanced button
Windows Quick search
Indexing Options
  • Click Rebuild button in Troubleshooting section
Windows Quick search
Advanced options with Rebuild button

Conclusion of Rebuild the Quick Search

After few minutes you should be able to find Office application in quick search on menu Start.